Acacia Rogers - Artist

   Acacia Rogers is a passionate self taught artist, and has been her entire life, over 10 years of which have been dedicated to various painting mediums. Her inspiration mostly comes from nature and the beauty of the natural world, with a particular affinity for animals and wildlife. Her first memories of artistic inspiration as a child are of older Disney movies and their whimsical, fluid, and creative animation style. Particularly the work of Aaron Blaise stood out to her, who worked on movies such as the Lion King, Mulan, Brother Bear, and Aladdin. She later included in her repertoire portraiture, still life, and landscape, slowly and painstakingly building up her skill through practice and research to learn the ins and outs of painting. She absolutely loves everything about the process of learning to paint. She now paints full time, and works along side many accomplished artists from a colorful array of different backgrounds. She currently shows her work in the Ceres gallery in Portsmouth NH and is the active Vice President of the Lakes Region Arts Association.

Basics Of Building Realism in Oil:

This information packed Oil Painting course will consist of everything from learning about pigments and the differences between paint brands, to the varieties of brushes and why certain types work for certain mediums, to color mixing, choosing and transferring a reference image to canvas, what makes a good reference image, and building up an image in layers from start to finish to create a complete and beautiful painting you can be proud of. All experience levels welcome, as this will be a beginner and intermediate friendly class.

  • An explanation of pigments, including differences between sourcing and quality
  • Comparisons between brands of paint, types of brushes, varieties of canvas, and how each can affect the painting process
  • Color mixing and matching and tips to control color outcome
  • How to choose a reference image, and what makes a good reference for painting
  • Transferring your reference to canvas
  • Blocking in a subject
  • Using layering and blending techniques to build a more realistic image from start to finish.
  • Group critique

Confirmation required.

Thursdays:  11 am - 2 pm 

(April 18 to May 23)

Fee: $180 for all 6 weeks

Class size limited to 12

Call or Email for supply list