Acacia Rogers - Artist

   Acacia Rogers is a passionate self taught artist, and has been her entire life, over 10 years of which have been dedicated to various painting mediums. Her inspiration mostly comes from nature and the beauty of the natural world, with a particular affinity for animals and wildlife. Her first memories of artistic inspiration as a child are of older Disney movies and their whimsical, fluid, and creative animation style. Particularly the work of Aaron Blaise stood out to her, who worked on movies such as the Lion King, Mulan, Brother Bear, and Aladdin. She later included in her repertoire portraiture, still life, and landscape, slowly and painstakingly building up her skill through practice and research to learn the ins and outs of painting. She absolutely loves everything about the process of learning to paint. She now paints full time, and works along side many accomplished artists from a colorful array of different backgrounds. She currently shows her work in the Ceres gallery in Portsmouth NH and is the active Vice President of the Lakes Region Arts Association.


8 week Beginner / Intermediate
Thursdays 11am - 1 pm
January 9th - February 27th
Fee: $225

This thorough beginner friendly 8 week class is a perfect start for any beginner or start for any painter or a great repertoire builder for the intermediate artist.  I will use a combination of tested and approved academic principles with my gathered from over 15 years of creating animal art to improve and refine your animal drawing and painting skills.

     We will cover everything from anatomy, form and perspective, materials and how to select them.  Color mixing and values, choosing references, using layers to build dimension will all be covered. There will be ample side by side easel time  and a group critique at the conclusion.  Join me in January to take your animal painting to the next level.

Included in Course
*Multiple live demos throughout course
*Detailed explanation of materials
*Animal anatomy for the artist
*Drawing animals and how to simplify the process
*Choosing a good reference image and how to transfer it
*Color mixing and matching
*Importance of values and how to apply them
*How to paint different kinds of fur, scales or feathers
*Building realism in layers from color blocking to details and everything else.
*One on one assistance, Q&As and critiques
*Inclusion in my "Student Works " Galleries on my website and social media
For supply list visit: AcaciaRogers,


Wednesdays 11am - 2 pm
November 7 - December 19
Fee: $180

* No class Nov 28th (Thanksgiving)

This beginner friendly 6 week course will be a fun and thorough guide to creating beautiful landscapes in oil paint. We will cover in-depth everything from materials and color mixing, to choosing a reference photo, to techniques for creating depth, replicating nature, etc..  There also will be a live demo throughout the class, plenty of side by side easel time, Q&As, and a group critique at the conclusion.

Included in course:

  • Detailed explanation of materials, including how to choose brands, identify quality, and the pros and cons of each
  • Basics of color mixing, the benefits of a limited palette, and easy methods of creating the right colors for your image
  • How to choose a good reference photo for painting a landscape. What to avoid and why.
  • Tips for transferring a reference to canvas
  • Techniques for creating natural elements such as foliage, water, and mountains.
  • How to build atmospheric depth and realism in your painting
  • Details, focal points, lighting effects, and composition 
  • Group critique
Call 603-778-0685, or Email with any questions. 


Thursdays 11am - 1 pm
September 12 - October 17
Fee: $150

This 6 week class will cover in detail the principals and techniques of drawing what you see accurately and with depth and realism. We will use various media and practices to draw both from life and photography. We will discuss everything from the importance of drawing skills, to how to hold your drawing tool, how to use different materials, proportion and shading, and much more, with plenty of one on one guidance and group critique. This course will be a great compliment to any painting education, an excellent refresher for an intermediate artist, or a perfect start for a beginner!

Included in course:

  • Detailed explanation of materials and how to use them
  • Tips and techniques for using drawing tools more effectively
  • The "Right vs. Left Brain" dilemma and how to overcome it
  • Replicating accurate proportions
  • Shading and detail and how to apply it skillfully
  • Multiple guided drawing exercises both from life and still image
  • Group critiques and discussions
Call 603-778-0685, or Email with any questions. 

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