6 week Beginner / Intermediate
Thursdays 11am - 2 pm
March 5th - April 9th
Fee: $180

Acacia Roger's thorough beginner friendly 6 week class is a perfect start for any new painter, or a great repertoire builder for the intermediate artist.  Acacia says she will use a combination of tested and proven academic principals with her own self taught techniques to improve and refine your representational painting skills.  We will cover everything from materials and how to select them, to color mixing and values, choosing references, using layers to build dimension and much more.

      Acacia uses ample side by side easel time and a group critique at the conclusion. She says, join her in March to take your painting to the next level and learn what you can really achieve. 

Included in Course
Detailed explanation of materials
Choosing a good reference for realism
Tips for transferring a reference to canvas
Color mixing and matching
The importance of values and how to apply them
Preparing your canvas
Building realism in layers from color blocking to details
One on one assistance, Q&As, and citiques
Preparing your canvas
Inclusion in my "Student Works" Galleries on my website and social media

We have included some samples of Acacia's Paintings.
Don't miss this 6 week class with Acacia.  You can sign up by phone at 603-778-0685 or email at

You can pay for this class by cash or check made out to Brush and Palette.
PO Box 914, North Hampton, NH 03862.