ACACIA ROGERS - Open Drawing class

Wednesdays 11am - 2 pm
September 4 - October 9
Fee: $180

This beginner friendly 6 week course will be a fun and thorough guide to creating beautiful landscapes in oil paint. We will cover in-depth everything from materials and color mixing, to choosing a reference photo, to techniques for creating depth, replicating nature, etc..  There also will be a live demo throughout the class, plenty of side by side easel time, Q&As, and a group critique at the conclusion.

Included in course:

  • Detailed explanation of materials, including how to choose brands, identify quality, and the pros and cons of each
  • Basics of color mixing, the benefits of a limited palette, and easy methods of creating the right colors for your image
  • How to choose a good reference photo for painting a landscape. What to avoid and why.
  • Tips for transferring a reference to canvas
  • Techniques for creating natural elements such as foliage, water, and mountains.
  • How to build atmospheric depth and realism in your painting
  • Details, focal points, lighting effects, and composition 
  • Group critique
Call 603-778-0685, or Email with any questions.