Beaman Cole

With a year of drawing lessons behind him, Beaman Cole started painting under a mentor at age 9.  Cole was taught the “Frank Reilly Method” ,the principles of the renown instructor at the Art Students League. Cole had his first one man art show at age 10. Later, while working in electronics Cole started his art career by drawing commissioned portraits in 1991. In 1994 he opened an art studio and gallery and has been painting since. In 2004, International Artist Magazine called him a, “Master Painter of the World”.  Cole continues to paint and to pass on his love of art by teaching 
Please visit to see more of Beaman's work. 

    After much consideration we have come up with a payment plan that will benefit all of us. 
 Before each 4 week session we would like you to commit to the number of weeks you will be at class.You will then be responsible to pay for that commitment. If there are enough total class hours, and the class is running, anyone else can join at any time.  If you have committed to 2 weeks that you have paid for, but realize you can make it to a 3rd or 4th session, you may come and pay for the extra weeks. If you have any questions regarding this new policy, please call Mary or Beaman. 

Alla Prima Painting 


     Beaman Cole will be teaching his class, Alla Prima Painting, New and Exciting #2, starting Wednesday, April 4,  9:00 am - 12:00pm. Beaman says:

. In this Alla Prima oil painting class  I will teach you how to approach painting with less angst, more confidence and knowledge. We will practice the skills necessary to paint quickly, accurately and beautifully.  Soon you will be making a painting a day and I’ll help you learn how.

  This 4 week class is open to students at any level.  I usually lecture on a topic for the first 45 minutes. Advanced students may work on their own from the start or after the lecture.  I will critique their work periodically.  Others may choose to follow the lecture and do my recommended exercise. For very new students I may pull them aside and give a second lecture to explain some rudimentary painting topics.


    Beaman Cole will be teaching "A Simple Way to Paint" painting great art with a limited palette, a couple of brushes and limited time. 4 week class date to be determined at a later date.

     Cole will show students how less is more.  Fewer options can be a catalyst that enhances a painter's knowledge.  As usual Cole will teach Alla prima methods to paint direct, fast paintings. 

     This will run similar to his past classes where advanced students may work separately with help and critiques  by Cole. 

Recommended supplies:

Red paint (warm or cool)

Blue paint – Ultramarine or Prussian

Yellow Paint – any

A brown – Burnt Umber or Burnt Sienna

Titanium White

size 2 or 4 Flat, Bright or Filbert

size 10 Round, Bright or Filbert



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