Dustan Knight

Dustan is a professional artist and teacher.  She received her MFA from Pratt Institute in NYC and her Masters in Art History from BU. She writes regular art reviews for Art New England. She was the recipient
of the NH State Fellowship for the Arts and past Mac Dowell Colony Res
ident. Her paintings have been exhibited throughout the US and much of her work is represented by galleries in the Northeast.


          Watercolor Workshops

     Dustan is very well known for her watercolor work and has a great deal of experience teaching and giving demonstrations.  She is  offering a number of one day watercolor workshops for all levels. These classes are fun and informative and you'll come out with a great painting. Get your brushes wet and lets swoosh!

Drawing and Watercolor

    This brand new Idea  of combining an hour of drawing with an hour of watercolor has proven to be wildly popular and instructive. 
       A fun, informative opportunity for beginners to learn about drawing and watercolor painting in a five week class.  Spend your mornings with an experienced professional artist who will guide you through the basics of drawing with pencil and painting with watercolor.

 The drawing sharpens the students eyes and allows them to isolate art concepts which they translate with watercolors.  It encourages students to understand the character of the watercolor medium and determine what techniques are best for each subject.  This is a wonderful  and exciting learning opportunity.

 We will learn to draw what we see and then simple painting techniques to add life and expression to our drawings.   No pressure, relaxed classroom with hands on step by step demonstrations.

             Traditional   Watercolor

     Gain confidence in your artwork. Gain insight into getting the most from the watercolor medium.  This is a watercolor course that explores the classical watercolor techniques in a simple systematic way.  Each process is explained and demonstrated and practiced before being used in a more complicated artwork.
     We will be working on one large painting throughout the course.  Each week will introduce, explain, demonstrate and offer in class exercises to a specific traditional watercolor technique.  After practicing the technique the student will add to their larger painting.

     This crazy surprising  course explores different techniques and the wide range of fascinating mediums and additives available with acrylic painting.  Acrylic is the most flexible and agreeable of all the painting mediums. 
There are many acrylic additives to create actual texture - like modeling paste and tar medium -
colors - mica flakes - and processes - pouring and glazing mediums
Lets try them out and find the ones we like the best.

There will be a special materials list for this class