Dustan Knight - Autumn Sunflowers in Watercolor and Ink

Workshop 10am - 3pm     
Oct 19, 2019
Fee: $60

Autumn SunFlowers- The perfect Fall subject is Sunflowers and pumpkins…working from a simple still life of Sunflowers and pumpkins we will have fun designing and drawing a simple composition and painting it using wet on wet and glazing watercolor techniques and ink.  This fun workshop also introduces the use of wax resists, background stencils  and loose ink details so artists can create their own expressive artwork.  -  Here is an example of Sun flower paintings to get us in the mood! Material list is regular materials, plus  saran wrap, ruler, and, flower stencil.

Any questions feel free to reach out through phone or email.

You can register for this workshop by phone 603 778-0685, or by email at mary@brushandpalet.com