Todd Bonita

Todd Bonita was raised in Winthrop, Massachusetts and holds a BFA from the Art Institute of Boston.  His art career began multifaceted, including mural work, sculpture and twelve years as an illustrator working for book publishers, creating art for the casino industry and home décor markets.  He has worked for clients such as Disney, MTV, Caesar’s Palace, Carnival Cruise, Random House and hundreds of corporate and private clients with his illustrations appearing in over thirty books.  His wall art, sculptures and designs were sold in T J Max, Home Goods, boutiques and gift shops in all fifty states and parts of Canada.   

He now lives and maintains a studio on the New Hampshire Seacoast where he has primarily focused on fine art oil painting since 2006.   His Oil Paintings are represented in art galleries all over New England, Wisconsin and the UK.  You can view his work online at

GLAZING  (Todd Bonita)
Jan 02- Feb 20, 2018 (9am - 12)  Tuesdays
Brush and Palette Art Center, 105 Post Rd. North Hampton, NH
 8 Weeks (Limit 14)  $360

This indoor class takes place at the Brush and Palette Art Center Tuesday Mornings and aims to simplify oil painting using a traditional layering process.  These classes are for beginners who have never painted before or have some experience but are looking for a simple and focussed understanding of the nuts and bolts of oil painting.  Each class begins with a demo where we will explore individual steps from drawing to underpainting to color application.  Design, value, color and creative oil painting techniques and tools will be discussed and demonstrated.  With an understanding of these principles, students will be better equipped to meet the challenges of painting with glazes and layers, and thereby, better able to express themselves as artist.  Syllabus and supply list on Todd's web site, 
*(Tuesday, March 06, 2018, Snow Date if necessary)


Jan 02 - Feb 20, 2018 (1 - 4pm)  Tuesdays
Brush and Palette Art Center, 105 Post Rd. North Hampton, NH.  8 Weeks (Limit 14)  $360
This studio class takes place at the Brush and Palette Art center in North Hampton, NH on Tuesday afternoons only if the morning session is full, then this afternoon session will be added. This afternoon session is the same class that is offered in the morning session.