Workshop-Get Perspective Right - Sample

    • Get Perspective RIGHT - Do you struggle to draw buildings, interiors or anything not round? This is the class for you. In this one-day workshop, you will be taught one, two, and three-point perspective. After a lecture, students will be given perspective drawings to duplicate along with some measuring aids. This process of replication will allow students to gain understanding and leave them a definitive example they can use again and again as a refresher.

    • Bring a new pad of 18x24” sketching or drawing paper (not newsprint) plus a dark (soft) pencil of some sort (preferably graphite), a yardstick and foot long ruler. A 20 or 25 sheet pad will do.

    • Come with paper and pencil and leave with the knowledge and the ability to get perspective RIGHT.

1 Day Workshop

9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Fee: $80

2 Day Oil Workshop - Portraits

Saturday and Sunday

9 am - 3 pm

Fee: $145