Understanding the Body

Beaman Cole

Understanding the Body, April 2, 12:30-3:30, 6 weeks, $180

This class is about understanding how the human body is best represented by an artist. We will cover methods from the simple to the complex. Proportions, dimensions, rotations and all perspectives will be discussed. You will need a soft pencil (charcoal, graphite or Prismacolor 935 , a large pad of paper, a drawing board and a sketching easel would be helpful. We hope to follow-up this class with a life drawing class where you may practice your knowledge with a model.

6 week class

Wednesday, 12:30 - 3:30 p.m..

6 week class - Starts Fall 2014

Fee: $180.

Call Brush and Palette for supply sheet. 603 502-6462