Dustan Knight - Artist

Dustan is a professional artist and teacher. She received her MFA from Pratt Institute in NYC and her Masters in Art History from BU. She writes regular art reviews for Art New England. She was the recipient of the NH State Fellowship for the Arts and past Mac Dowell Colony Resident. Her paintings have been exhibited throughout the US and much of her work is represented by galleries in the Northeast.


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Dustan Knight - Spring Flowers

Saturday March 14

10am - 3pm

Fee: $65

Spring Flowers with Dustan Knight. Let's fill our painting with beautiful color as we paint spring in. Dustan's popular watercolor flower paintings, step by step demonstrations, using delicate purples, vibrant and lively greens. All levels are invited.

We have included a sample of the subject she will be teaching.

You can register for this workshop by phone at 603 778-0685 or email at

mary@brushandpalet.com. Don't miss this fun, informative workshop!

Dustan Knight - Can I Learn to Draw in one Day.

Workshop 10am - 3pm

Feb 15, 2020

Fee: $65

Can I learn to draw in one day: YES: Do I need expensive materials: NO! Come join Dusty's all day drawing workshop, February 15. Start the day not knowing how to hold a pencil and end it by feeling comfortable drawing pretty much everything . All you need is a sketch book a soft drawing pencil (2B) and a pink eraser and your lunch.

Dusty has been teaching versions of this drawing class for the past ten years. On Saturday, February 15, she will pull it all together into a one day long session. Even if you know how to draw the simplicity and clarity of this workshop will give you a plan on how to approach all the drawings you will do in the future. So, come on over to Brush and PaLette, bring some friends and let's draw.

You can register for this workshop by phone at 603 778-0685 or email at

mary@brushandpalet.com. Don't miss this fun, informative workshop

Dustan Knight - Fun Farmers Market

Workshop 10am - 3pm

Feb 22, 2020

Fee: $65

Imagine a springtime farmers market - the bustle and color and fun patterns all

around - this all levels step by step watercolor workshop is a little different. Dusty will supply the drawing and show you how to transfer it over to your own

watercolor paper. Then using all your own favorite colors we will build up the patterns until the farmers market in our imagination becomes a real painting, a wonderful creative pattern filled day.

Special Materials

Liquid Frisket (miskit)

A fine black pen

Watercolor paper at least 11 X 14

You can register for this workshop by phone at 603 778-0685 or email at

mary@brushandpalet.com. Don't miss this fun, informative workshop

Dustan Knight - Watercolor Techniques

Workshop 10am - 3pm

Jan 18, 2020

Fee: $65

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow.

This fun class with Dustan Knight includes special watercolor techniques that can create a sense of winter. You will be using special materials, salt, liquid friskit, white candle, white opaque paint, [using watercolor or acrylics). How to create the effect of snow with watercolor without using white paint.

If you can not get any of the above materials,we will have extras to share.

You will need at least six small 10 X 8 watercolor papers (140 lb, white, cold press, d'arches)

You can register for this class at 603 778-0685 or email at mary@brushandpalet.com.

You can pay for this workshop by check made out to Brush and Palette or with cash the morning of the class.

Don't miss this workshop with Dusty.

Dustan Knight - Seacoast Sunset

Saturday 10am - 3pm

Workshop November 9th

Fee: $60

This romantic atmospheric image of an old boat shack at sunset is a fun exploration of wet watercolor mixing . Learn how to paint the sky and the colors reflected on the water. Join Dusty for an informative one day class with step by step demonstrations.

Sign up soon. Workshops have been selling out.

Dustan Knight - Autumn Sunflowers in Watercolor and Ink

Workshop 10am - 3pm

Oct 19, 2019

Fee: $60

Autumn SunFlowers- The perfect Fall subject is Sunflowers and pumpkins…working from a simple still life of Sunflowers and pumpkins we will have fun designing and drawing a simple composition and painting it using wet on wet and glazing watercolor techniques and ink. This fun workshop also introduces the use of wax resists, background stencils and loose ink details so artists can create their own expressive artwork. - Here is an example of Sun flower paintings to get us in the mood! Material list is regular materials, plus saran wrap, ruler, and, flower stencil.

Any questions feel free to reach out through phone or email.

You can register for this workshop by phone 603 778-0685, or by email at mary@brushandpalet.com

Dustan Knight - Exploring Pop Art

Tuesday mornings 10am - 1pm

Sept 10 - October 8 (five weeks )

Fee: $180 for all 5 weeks

In our continuing exploration of various art styles we turn our attention to the fabulous FUN POP ART era-

We will be discussing about what makes Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Lichtenstein and other giants of the Pop art world so interesting.

Each week we will be trying our hand at their ideas. Mostly an acrylic class but all mediums can be used, in fact Warhol and Hockney did a lot of watercolors!

These guys transitioned off of the nihilists like Marcel Duchamp - to talk about social and political phenomenon- great ideas to think about while creating.

All levels of artist invited to attend - its educational, fun and creative! Note three hour class

Dustan Knight - A Walk in the Summer Woods

Workshop 10am - 3pm Sept 19, 2019

Fee $60

This class ‘ a walk in the summer woods’ starts with a simple sketch and finishes with a sun dappled summer woodland scene.

All levels invited. Fun informative creative workshop . Dusty demonstrates step by step

Techniques to layer paint to make values. Simply stated.

Materials -140 lb arches cold or hot press paper.

10 x 14 “ or larger

Assorted brushes

Assorted watercolor paints

Masking tape

Pencil and eraser

Support board to tape pAper onto

Paper towels

Plastic paint palette