Eric Ebbeson - Artist

Eric has his BA degree from Dartmouth College with a Major in Studio Art. He has been an art educator and a practicing artist for over 37 years, teaching in Vermont, NY and for the last 35 years in the NH school systems. He has taught art and run workshops and classes at all levels. He has had solo exhibits as well as participated in a large number of group exhibits in Galleries in NH, Maine, and Massachusetts. Most of his art work is about the natural world and reflects his great love for the outdoors and Nature.ERIC IS NOT TEACHING A CLASS FOR THE BRUSH AND PALETTE AT THE PRESENT TIME UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

Painting with Watercolor on Yupo Paper

In this workshop you will be discovering a synthetic paper which is known for it's intense color, unusual effects, and unpredictable results that cannot be found with any other surface. Unlike regular watercolor paper paint can be lifted from the surface when you want to change something. When you paint on yupo you need to remember the three F"s - Fantastic results, unobtainable anywhere else, frustrating - painting on yupo is like chasing the paint around the paper with the brush and fun because you never know what is going to happen next. If you are spontaneous, then this workshop is for you. If you prefer control over your medium this could help you loosen up. In either case, join us for an evening of experimentation.

One evening workshops solving drawing problems

First workshop - the problem of perspective

There will be an initial presentation of the different problems associated with achieving perspective in your drawings, etc. You will be encouraged to bring in anything you have done or wanted to know specifically about perspective to work on and discuss. This is a hands on workshop. Join us for an evening learning about this sometimes difficult element of art.

Second workshop - the problem of composition

What makes a good composition. If you are working from 1 or 20 references, what do you choose to include in your drawing, painting, etc. You will be encouraged to bring in something you have done or something you plan to do for discussion and then work on. This is a hands on workshop. Join us for an evening learning how to achieve a good composition.