The Brush and Palette, along with guidance from the CDC and assistance from Centennial Hall, have implemented general COVID-19 guidelines. These new protocols are immediately required for all classes and workshops until such-time as the State of NH and The CDC update their protocols concerning social distancing and required PPE.

Guidelines include, but are not limited to the below:

1 - Classes and workshops have a maximum capacity of 5 students with no exceptions.

2 - Required temperature checks for every individual attending classes or workshops. (Brush and Palette has provided a thermometer for your convenience)

3 - Social distancing of 6 feet at all times when possible.

4 - Required sanitation and hand cleaning before you enter the premises. (a table at the entry with wipes and hand sanitizer has been provided for your convenience)

5 - Appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is required when entering or leaving Centennial Hall. Masks must cover the nose and mouth completely. (additional masks are available for all individuals at entry table)

6 - Precautions have been taken for social distancing by removing 1/2 of the existing tables and positioning them 6-8 feet apart in every direction.

7 - Masks may be removed once you are at your individual table, but any movement around Centennial Hall, including around the classroom must require masks.

8 - Brush and Palette will be doing there best to maintain careful monitoring of the ongoing situation and will always attempt to provide proper ventilation and sanitation.

9 - We require all students who are interested in taking a class at Brush and Palette to fill out and return the below attached release form through email, or bring to class with you.

*Please do not come to a class if you have been feeling any symptoms listed on the CDC website, or if you feel sick in any way. It is much better to make up a class, than potentially endanger other individuals.

Feel free to email the Brush and Palette with any questions or concerns, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We thank you for your continued assistance during this time, and look forward doing our best to continue classes and workshops in a limited fashion!


Mary Vermeersch